Once Upon A Time…

…There were two working moms with full-time careers and six kids between them. One random Tuesday evening after they clearly had too much wine and thought for a moment their lives weren’t quite busy enough, they decided to venture into an industry that sometimes took itself too seriously and thus impacted the way the world looked around them – the world of interior design and home furnishings. Design should be beautiful but playful and creative and enhance your living environment all at the same time. A few months after that wine-filled evening of long discussions and ah-ha moments, #jouedesign was born – creating #objectsforlife!

Now having an idea to start a business is easy. Learning how to operationalize one is an entirely different story – particularly as the two moms also had day jobs; thus needing to juggle weekends and late nights to make it a reality. Many visits to bookstores and libraries (and websites online) revealed many useless “how to” books on starting a business. What they desperately needed was a realistic perspective. “‘Nuff of this useless information,” they said. “How about ‘what NOT to do!'” They realized they were soon becoming experts on that topic!

Seeing a void of ‘keeping it real’ narratives, and wishing to help others who are also venturing down similar entrepreneurial paths, the girls decided to write about the journey of their first venture. It certainly wouldn’t be half as painful if the ‘had I known this’ tips were available early on! Call it a pay-it-forward exercise – or simply a venting mechanism. Nonetheless, another company was born – Shoestring Moguls. It was a Tuesday after all, and they were often bored on Tuesdays.

Alison & Cindy are deliriously happy to share stories with you – the ups AND the downs of being a fresh new start-up. Meet the #shoestringmoguls – errr, us!

Average start-ups do NOT have a lot of financial backing, other than the coins they find in sofa cushions. So what better name for low budgets and big dreams than the Shoestring Moguls! #shoestringmoguls for #jouedesign.

Nowhere near The End.



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