3, 2, 1 – Start!

Starting a new company is always risky, but exciting. Starting a new company with your best friend is EXTREMELY risky, professionally and personally – you could lose the shirt off your back AND the person who spent hours online-shopping with you for that fantastic designer top. But we forged ahead anyway, so basically we’re either really stubborn, stupid or extremely smart. We’d like to say ‘all of the above’!

When two friends start a business, it means spending FAR more time together than you ever thought you could (or would or should), and more in some weeks than you even spend with your partners between the business and general girlfriend tom-foolery. The SSO’s (supportive significant others) get a little jealous, so we’ve devised a plan to keep them occupied – all the football or hockey games they could ever want. It’s like giving a pair of kittens an electric fuzzy wiffle ball laced with catnip to batt around in circles while we step quietly backwards out the room.

We’re still waiting to see the results – and to see if they’ll still take out the trash. 🙂



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