As a startup, we run under the general assumption that every supplier we find for the first few years will be carving big black financial holes into our business plan. HAHA just kidding – we don’t have a business plan. (shhh, don’t tell the Accountant).

It’s hard to find good costs on supplies when you haven’t yet learned all the tricks of the trade. Even when a potential supplier had the super-hots for your brother-in-law back in high school 20+ years ago, it’s still “No. Zhat iz zee price.” Then again, it could have something to do with us only buying two yards of fabric at a time.

Minimums are just a killer to the small, fledgling start-up. Not only can we not afford 5,000 units of every little piece of the puzzle, where on earth would we put it all? These days, we’re seriously considering the construction of an underground bunker, not unlike war-era backyard bomb shelters. That way, if this venture blows up in our financial minimum-quota’ed faces, we’ll be super prepared. And super comfy with 5,000 pillows down there.

Time for a nap.



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