OMG! We have FABRIC! Our first bolt of 20-amazing-yards is IN OUR STUDIO (aka the Dining Room). This is momentous. It is the biggest thing in our life right now – bigger than the very fruits of our wombs (and cleaner than them, too… and it doesn’t talk back… and will go to bed on time… ok, we digress).

Sourcing the first fabric for your very first line of creative genius is no small task, as we have found. Pricing, availability, workability, contacts, etc. all comes into play. We may think we have ‘the one’, but then pricing will put that horse down. Keep looking and we’ll find another of ‘the one’, but the color isn’t quiiiiiiiiiiite there. Or the color and price are bang on, but the weight isn’t there to sew properly. But when it finally all comes together, we’ll ride that horsey all the way out into the sunset – aaaaaand straight into new issues with the screen-printing. Problems never cease.

But it’s all worth it, right? After all, the mare that survives needs a beautiful, shiny coat to wear.



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