Billable Hours

Four months in, 1,000 hours spent, $1,500 down and 1 sample sewn with no product ready – or even close – for retail. Yep, sounds like a start up.

Thank goodness one of us is married to an Accountant!

Billable hours are a joke. Over a thousand hours in and we still have yet to sell a single pillow! With day jobs, parenting and general life in the way, we’re discovering that it can take at least six months of relentless hours just to make the first pillow! Our “Accountant” told us to keep track of our hours, to pay ourselves later after we start raking in cash. Hmm, so let’s see. If we’re doing the math right, and upon receiving our first dollar (or two), we’ll have to divide that by at least several thousand hours. What does that make our hourly wage?! Ah, we’ll let the Accountant figure it out ;).



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