Creating Samples

With a whopping two meters of fabric that we love in hand, we set out to create a sample of our dreams-in-cloth. Countless You-Tubes on “how to sew a zipper” and stitch, stitch-removal, stitch and two and 3/4 hours later – VOILA!! And we are in love. With the pillow. Just clarifying.

And its beauuuutiful. To be honest, we gave up on the freaking invisible zipper foot – we went medieval and hand stitched the darn thing. We figured we’d continue doing that until we can find the right You-Tube how-to and bug the poor clerks at Pfaff about our ancient machine and its elusive feet. And one note about hand stitching: how the hell did medieval people ever make enough clothes without disabling their hands? Just stitching one damn pillow gave us several bloody pokes. This is supposed to be fun, right?

We later found there are kind, helpful, encouraging people out there for us, wee starters! An example of this was a fantastic woman at Pfaff who not only showed us how to work our machine, but how to sew an expert zipper. She made it look so easy, and said to bug her anytime for help. Except at late hours. Or on Sundays/Mondays. And she doesn’t make house calls. BUT otherwise, an extreme help.



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