The excitement is rising with supplies coming in, like boxes, pillow inserts, logo stickers, business cards, etc. The buildup is long, but it will all pay off when our site goes “live” and we make our VERY FIRST (and hopefully beyond) sale. It’s like the build-up of all the wedding dress shopping, with the anticipation of said dress flying out the window on your wedding night. The excitement from your first wedding, we’re saying. But hopefully with the long-term pay-off of your final wedding. ‘Til death do we part, dear Pillow.

THIRD box of pillow inserts has arrived. Not only are we using more real estate around this place, but it’s getting messy. Somehow the boxes keep disappearing up into the boys’ room to happily mix with rolls of duct tape and become FORT KNOX, leaving a snowy pile of covered down/feather behind in the Living Room. Anyone who walks into this house and mentions in one sentence both the words “pillow” and “fight” in front of any of the boys in this house, is dead.



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