The Devil is in The Details

We would just like to pause and say we’ve never been so fascinated with the shipping box, kraft bag, food-grade plastic, perfectly-sized envelope or the fabric label in our entire lives. Before you receive our precious cushiony perfection at your door and cut off that fabric label, take a moment of silence to honor the complex beauty of every detail.

Even the painstaking decision of the thickness of the plastic that will envelop the pillow, protecting it in the box, to the type of handle the shopping bags need to be. With a team of two, it’s a blessing and a curse. While you get to have a say in every part of the business, you also need to make decisions on every part of the business. We’re the marketing, branding, social media, packaging, facilities, operations, pricing, sourcing, buying, finance and accounting, product design, product management, human capital management, partnership management… all rolled into two already very busy people.

It’s made us much more appreciative of the efforts of start-up companies – down to the details of the fonts they chose for their business cards.

Every. Little. Thing. Matters. Because we made every decision consciously. It’s our little company and we’re damn proud of it.



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