Work-Life Balance

Starting a new business, from the bottom up (at least we think we’re moving in an upward fashion…) on top of working other full time jobs and being parents of small children, you really have to believe in what you’re doing. Or, you have to be clinically insane, in which case therapy is far cheaper than stepping even one fabulously-heeled foot into this crazy ring of chaos.

It’s not easy to start a new business. It’s nearly impossible to start a new business (or three) while each of us are working full-time career jobs, raising two to four children, raising significant others (am I right, women out there?!), maintaining friendships, being the house chef/chauffeur/team manager/clean-up crew, and – wait – why are we doing this again?! Clearly we are not terribly intimidated by the impossible.

We’ve learned one can do almost anything, with a glass of wine in hand.




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