We have a number of friends who are also entrepreneurs, having gone off from the mainstream and safety of the 9-to-5 workday to carve their own path. I often want to stop and ask them how things are going, but I realize that if someone stopped me in the middle of this insanity to ask that, I would just laugh maniacally and drool last night’s wine all over their shoes, ogling them with my crazy eye. Asked? Answered.

Social media is up to bat for us at our next big meeting. Time to think of #hashtags for #luxurypillows from @JoueDesign http:instagram (smiley face). (66 wds left). I think we need to hire a 15-year-old to help us with this – someone from the “Snapchat generation”. None of us from the aging “Facebook generation” are qualified as current any longer.



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