Business Travel

Our business trip to Paris is coming up fast!

Between fashion shows, vintage shops, flea markets, interior design haunts and general street life, we’re expecting to be both inspired and supremely intimidated by this experienced design town coming from our tiny start-up. This should sit quite well with the Parisian French. God, how we love them.

Our map of “things to see and be inspired by” for the upcoming Paris trip is insanity. We definitely need more than seven days next time 🙂 Maybe along with a few days of sunny design de-brief  down south in the French Riviera afterwards to recuperate. And we might as well throw in a quick trip over to Milan, since we’ll basically be halfway there at that point. And a few days back at London Fashion Week on the way there. And throw in a textile show to round it all out.

We might just have to load up a van with printing equipment and our sewing machines, like a gypsy pillow caravan across Europe and Asia.

Wouldn’t that be fun?



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