Design vs Accounting

Design is about trained skill, natural talent, practice, imagination, perseverance and luck. Just not necessarily all of them at the same time, or any of them in any kind of timeliness in which you could really use them. Sometimes I envy the “1+1=2” people (shhh, don’t tell the Accountant). In design, 1+1 could equal “blue”. Or “alligator”. Or “logo-with-emblem-background-but-not-with-the-emblem-that’s-been-done-before-a-new-emblem-that-we-haven’t-thought-up-yet-and-maybe-no-logo-afterall-and-should-we-go-metallic?”.

It’s a long, twisty, windy, fucked-up, spedometer-free road where (psychiatric) insurance is no longer valid. But in the end, I wouldn’t trade it with the straight, clear path of “1+1=2” for anything (shhh, don’t tell the Accountant).



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