Patience, People. Patience.

It’s been almost six months since we began our adventure. If we can get a product to market before a year is up, we’ll be thrilled. This adventure is definitely an exercise in being attentive to details, overall patience and long-term endurance.

The funny part is, our significant others are constantly asking us after every meeting, “So, do you have pillows to sell yet?” Forget the pressure we place on ourselves. There’s plenty of it around us on a daily basis! Our SO’s don’t really understand what it takes to operationalize, design, source, sew, research, conceptualize, and everything else in between! In fact, they don’t understand what we do in these meetings.

“So what do you guys talk about?” is a frequent question.

What do we talk about? How about everything?? Even though we’re conducting meetings over a glass (or five) of wine, it only means it helps us get through our meetings faster (and think more creatively). But don’t get us wrong, it’s WORK.

Are we there yet? ARE we THERE yet?! ARE WE THERE YET?!?!

Why are we so busy? see also and !! )




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