Where’s the Talent??

Along with starting a textile design company came the assumption that there is a talent pool of seamstresses, enbroiderers, silkscreeners, fabric brokers, and other talented collaborators to choose from – all organized by a few simple clicks of the mouse. Not only does such an organized talent pool not exist, it’s nearly impossible to find these collaborators individually. It’s like finding a diamond in the rough. With the rough being a rainforest the size of the Amazon. This is also part of the reason why it has taken us so long to get off the ground. You can’t do it without resources. We know where our weaknesses are (and there are plenty, believe us) but we’re also very aware of our strengths. And that’s not in the sewing department.

A former boss of ours once said, ‘always surround yourself with talented people – those who bring a special skill that is better than what you can do’ because you never know when you’ll need to trust them and delegate.

So this is timely, as we begin to interview the first set of seamstresses who will (hopefully) help bring our Joue journey to a reality!



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