Fail Early and (Not) Often

After a week of pacing around nervously, we finally got our first samples back!! Woohoo!!

Except that one of them is embroidered on the wrong side of the fabric, while the other is printed on the right side of the fabric now we feel it’s the wrong color. Sigh.

You’d think that after spending hours painstakingly articulating the design specifics to the supplier that things would turn out perfectly. But oh no, Murphy has a different plan for us. Seeing as we’re such newbies to the industry, Murph felt we needed more learning moments. And sometimes things just don’t manifest the same way we had imagined them.

Good thing we’re resilient (or crazy, we can’t decide today). Otherwise the dent in the wall would be much larger than the current size of our heads.

Ok guys, let’s all try this again…





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