Under a Pile of Fluff

Serging fabric is mindless fun and like anything that you do over and over, you can get really good at it. Until you work with furry fabrics. We’ve now decided that working with fur – faux or otherwise – can have its disadvantages. Not only does the fur shed and break apart everywhere, all over the serger, table, floor and on you – it’s so light that it floats in the air. You’re literally inhaling it while you serge or sew.

At the end of the day, a once clean living room simply turns into a mountain of fluff, closely resembling cotton candy. Except that you can’t eat it. If only there was a parallel universe where we were no longer shoestring moguls but real moguls who could afford a factory and employees where the fluff could land and be taken care of while our living rooms remained pristine… *sigh* to dream…




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