AWKWARD!! First Corporate Photo Shoot …

Lights. Camera. Action.

We’d like to say that we’re two extremely busy designers who jetset across the world in our very important designer suits, sourcing fabric from around the globe, trotting from home design show to home design show – and it happens that *le sigh* we just have to be available for our corporate shoot this year.

Well, um, none of the above is true – except for the designer part and the last bit about the photo shoot.

We realized that for the company website, we needed actual presentable photos of us. Preferably clothed and not carrying a glass of wine in hand. So we looked around to holler at our personal assistants… which we don’t have… and makeup crew… which we also don’t have. With a bottle of bubbly numbing our sad reality, we ventured into one of the bathrooms at the shoot location (at one of the founders’ apartments!) and proceeded to apply our own makeup and do our own hair. Glamorous? I think not.

Our photog was super patient with us, especially after the fourth glass (or was that the fifth) of bubbly when we got super giddy. We both had our inner soundtrack in our heads – something that resembled music you’d hear on a runway – see, we can do this! We are glamorous, super cool and will sell a million pillows! Damn, we must have had too much to drink but the photos turned out great – super polished and high energy.

So totally not us.

photo shoot


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