All Hash-tagged Out…

Wow. Only 3 months in and we’ve accumulated almost 1000 follows and 400 followers on Twitter!

Of which 1/3 of the followers are “bots” (virtual robots), another 1/3 are people seeking ‘special favors’, and the other 1/3 are actual normal people and/or brands who give a crap about what we do.

Social media as many have discovered is not social whatsoever. It puts the user in a digital cocoon, heads down and establishing pseudo-‘connections’ with people. The number of actual users and followers of a particular brand or individual who regularly engage is pretty small. And in our case, infinitessimely small. Don’t get us wrong – there are certainly benefits to being ‘social’ or establishing an online presence. It’s corporate suicide otherwise. But success should really be measured by the level of true engagement you have with your followers. Do you post info or links or pictures that folks actually retweet? Is it compelling or interesting enough to start a conversation? If you’re not achieving any of the above, then it’s counterproductive, anti-social, and a probable waste of time.

Because we’re just a start-up, you gotta do everything yourself – including social media. The problem is, we spend more time weeding out the bots and crazies who follow us than actually posting. Well, we’re also designing, prototyping, selling, marketing, etc. etc. so we’re a little busy. But nonetheless, just trying to figure out how best to stand out in a very crowded ocean may be like trying to climb Everest without a guide. You can certainly try, but good luck getting there and you may not come out alive.

We’re still trying to find our guide…




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