No End in Sight

It must just be in our DNA. We seem to come up with ideas for new businesses every week (mostly on Tuesdays, it seems). It’s no longer uncommon for us to be having a random conversation and – *fist-pump* *creative-gasm* *high-five* *OMG* – suddenly “it’s a THING!”.

And these are all on TOP of our existing jobs, our JOUE Design venture, our Handsome + the Duck vintage and the Wares housewares already in the queue, as well as a few others on the back-burner until these are off the ground (whatever that means).

Now there is also a possible venture with a Museum – or two.

At this rate we’ll be working at least another 50 years ’til we’re 90. And why not, everyone’s gotta have a hobby. Now if only there were a 36-hr clock and an 8-day work-week (in between 4-day weekends)…



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