Made In …

While we’re both world-travellers (budgets willing), we LOVE living in Canada. Our city of Vancouver has just been voted by some official magazine as #1 Most Livable City in North America, #3 in the World, and we know it to be true.

That love for our unique surroundings and diverse mosaic of cultures is one of the reasons we are proud to run our (eventual) World-Dominating Conglomerate from this particular home base. But beyond that, we’d love to be known for it – globally. We want to help support CANADIAN business and design out there world wide.

It is easier, or so we hear, to source more of our raw materials from the USA, or to buy most of our fabrics directly from India or China rather than from our local suppliers, or to ship the bulk of our manufacturing off to Vietnam. And maybe we’re being naive – world domination may eventually require such sacrifices. But for as long as we can possibly hold out, we support our community, our local artisans, our local manufacturers, our local fabric vendors – and we believe in our ability to turn out first class product while doing so.

We’re proud and thrilled to be #madeinCanada & #designedinCanada for as long as possible.



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