D’uh Money!

What type of salary does a Founder of a company make? Or a Head Designer? Would you be willing to work like a dog, long days, long nights, sacrificing time with family and significant others for a whopping salary of $0? If so, CONGRATS (or, regrets…)! You’re the ideal entrepreneur.

Of course at some point, this becomes no longer sustainable because you still need to eat, have a roof over your head and well, live day to day. This is where ‘paying yourself’ becomes a strange and awkward discussion when pricing your product. If we were literally factoring in the amount of time it takes to make our first products, they would price sky-high – UBER luxury. However, if you have a decent Accountant (who, unlike us does NOT need to be paid – sorry, Accountant!), he would constantly remind you to ‘pay yourself’ and factor in an amount that goes directly to you, as earnings, from each product you create and intend to sell.

Big or small, you need to be remunerated. In other words, GET PAID – even if it’s just enough for a Starbucks.



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