When EVERYTHING is Going Wrong …

When you own a business for the first time, you go into it with some expectations. Most of the time, they’re “blue skies ahead” and you assume things will go well. You remain somewhat pragmatic and think, “well I’m sure things may be bumpy in the beginning – there’s a lot to learn, but we’ll master this in no time!” Uh uh. Not even close.

We’ve discovered that you can go through extended periods of “Holy crap – why is NOTHING going right for us? Everything is falling apart. Why are we doing this again??” As much as you can anticipate things going awry, you can pick a bad color, suppliers can embroider on the wrong side but they can’t fix it because they’re then away on holidays, then only 2 seamstresses show up for interviews out of a short list of 6, then the selected seamstress herself goes on vacation at the most critical time, then the content tag guy won’t answer calls, and when he does then the tags are done wrong, then the seamstress won’t answer her phone, then the samples are done all wrong… IT NEVER ENDS.

We’ve discovered that the best medicine is simply laughter. And wine. Wine that brings laughter. At some point you just have to accept that even with the best of intentions and preparations, things will go wrong. But, that’s the adventure, and we wouldn’t trade it.



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