SO, even while waiting for our first run of “official” samples to come in from the seamstress, we have now booked TWO meetings in NYC with one of the fantastic people we met for 5 minutes at a Paris fashion show, and another person we’ve literally never met but who is in charge of large design contracts for a massive American company. Because – why not?

But odd as it all sounds, and un-ready as we are “Joue-wise”, we do not go into anything blind. We believe not just in the Scouts mantra of “be prepared”, but in the Rachel Zoe mantra of “always be over-prepared”. Always have more options!

Not knowing fully what these two meetings might hold, we have taken the initiative to talk to as many contacts in ANY kind of “know” as we can. Immediately after booking the meetings, we called and met everyone and anyone who might have advice for lunch (or wine), starting with the Accountant and ending with one of our Mentors. Oh, and hours on Google – also with wine 🙂

There’s an extremely slim chance we’ll be picking up a big contract for design on the spot. But there’s an absolute zero chance if we don’t try. And a 100% chance of being extra-over-prepared for the next opportunity that comes our way. Bring it on.



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