Opportunity Doesn’t Respect Timing

When starting a business, naturally you plan for success. You plan for eventual opportunities to expand. You plan for growth, in time. But you can’t plan for everything… And sometimes plans get a bit messed up by (potential) opportunities. Especially if they hit before you’ve even released one piece of glorious fabric!

When a massive American company taps you to talk about designing product for them, well if you do what we did you try to run and hide. At the least you would definitely downplay your (lack of) experience, overplay your desire to focus on your first line of pillows, and quietly step back out of the picture.

Opportunity has no respect for our fear and un-preparedness either. Opportunity can be persistent. But wait, after all, THEY did approach us. Why were we trying so hard to say no? Fortunately we love to travel. And being in NYC anyhow, we’ve pulled up our knickers and agreed to a meeting with a world of potential. So, let’s talk. After all, as with an annual shoe sale at Nordstrom’s, it can’t hurt to JUST LOOK, can it?!



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