What I Learned from MaJongg

While one of us is, in fact, of Asian descent, it’s the other who regularly plays the Ancient Chinese game of Majong. Majong is a strategic game of tiles that little old ladies have been playing for generations, loudly clicking and trash-talking over leftover Chinese food at 2 am. The goal is to finish a hand with 4 sets of 3 tiles, and a pair called “the eyes”.

It starts out random enough but as you get closer to finishing a hand, flexibility is key. And, more often than not, to win the game it will require dumping a stale tile you’ve been nursing dearly since the beginning in pursuit of a potential new “winner.”

And such is the life of a creative. There are ideas we have had since day one, ideas that we have loved, ideas that we have gripped tight… Design comes naturally to us. But at some point, even the nearest and dearest idea must sometimes be tossed back in the pool in favor of a real winner. Aiya – PONG!



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