We think our SSO’s (supportive significant others) are beginning to question our mad-scientists-with-pillows sanity. They’re also beginning to wonder when we’re actually going to get a physical product up for sale.

They’re both big picture thinkers with big corporate-level jobs, yet not into details. So the only question that’s relevant to them is, “Have you sold anything yet?” Nevermind appreciating the process to get there.

We truly believe they think it’s a simple process: you design, you produce, you sell, and all within a week or two. What else could there be?

Maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re onto something. And maybe, just maybe, Santa answered our prayers and gave us employees to help with raw material sourcing, labour sourcing and negotiation, product design and prototyping, market research, social media, promotion, inventory management, website management, product packaging… oh wait. There’s just the two of us. 

Until someone finds a way to add hours to a day, we’ll continue to plod along and do our best. SSO expectations be damned. Wait – has someone fed the kids yet?? Yep, those men are starting to look delirious to us…



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