The Day I Almost Cried …

In all of the zillions (literally – not even kidding) of minute details in starting a textile-based business, the one that has befuddled us the most from the beginning is, oddly, SEWING. Although we can muddle through a sample to test an idea or pattern, dozens of pristine, top-stitched, hidden-zippered pieces of glorious magnificence is definitely NOT our forte.

As luck would (not) have it, few answered our Craiglist pleas, and even fewer bothered to show up for their interviews (who DOES that?!). But not to worry! Only one was needed, and once found and successfully interviewed, smiles beamed and fabric was transported! Glee! Until the first samples were returned… Horrified, yet undaunted, we turned and forged on in another direction. We knew we didn’t have enough yet to approach local manufacturers, so with a little trepidation we approached – and begged – a busy seamstress with a full-time job of her own who we knew had a great reputation.

We didn’t even look at the samples on pickup, a mere hour before we were to start our first model photo shoot. AHHH – what if they weren’t what we hoped?? But, inevitably we had to, and VOILA! 12 perfectly sewn – and IRONED! – pillow covers, EXACTLY how we had needed them to be. And that’s the day we almost cried, out of sheer joy and massive relief.



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