Holding Patterns …

There’s a great, vast and unexpected time-lapse between putting out your VERY FIRST precious bundle of joy, and making a big announcement to the world that you have officially “arrived” onto the scene. Hopefully one or two lonely products will a grand arrival make!

Prior to the big announcement there are product shoots, marketing materials and much prep to be done, when all we really want to do is to proudly and immediately scream HEY – CHECK OUT WHAT WE MADE!!!!

We’re happy to continue designing, of course, and showings are up for family, friends and through word-of-mouth, but we’re also SUPER anxious to make amazing global journalism-worthy announcements to the world. So, here we sit, waiting on the runway in our JOUE-crafted airbus, waiting for instructions from our PR, Marketing and Branding guru’s (ourselves, via Google) in order to gloriously take off into the sky and conquer the world.

Just wait for it – we’re coming!



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