Meetings, Multiplied …

You would think that when you first start up, HOURS could be spent lovingly dreaming and planning. And we did have some good conversations – over great wine – as we plotted our eventual global domination. But little did we know that there was more and more (and more) topics to still be discussed.

At the beginning one hour, twice a week, we met on the topics of Designs and Operations – covering just about everything we thought there was to cover while running errands in our spare time. So much for that. Almost one year later now and meetings can run over 7 hours on the weekend and at least 2 or 3 hours after we finish our ‘day jobs’, often over more great wine… If we were making money, now would be the optimal time to hire a personal assistant…

Unfortunately, part of these long brain sessions is spent reviewing budgets. Ugh. So, for now, HOURS have multiplied, as have the variety of topics: PR, Branding, Design, Accounting (ugh), Web Traffic, Social Media, Marketing, Scheduling, Inventory as well as the scheduling of personal appearances, events to attend or host, fabric shops, manufacturing pickups/drop-offs and our travel schedules. These are discussions on everything we do know, for now.

There’s probably more we should know to meet about, we just don’t know it yet.
Thank goodness for great wine, and great partners.



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