Photo Day has arrived! Models are getting ready! Cameras are being charged! Light reflectors have been purchased! Pillows are on hand (albeit some having been picked up from sewing only an hour prior)!

Then —

We live in Vancouver, Canada. It’s gorgeous, with lush green everywhere, huge snowy mountain ranges and deep blue oceans. It’s also a gigantic temperate rainforest. And it was raining. But, warriors are we! And what’s a little rain?? So out to the forest we trekked, pillows (wrapped in plastic) in hand, models in tow, looking for the canopies of tall evergreens under which to take our photos.

And it turned out to be a great day. Six (volunteer) models, 5 hours, 4 fresh new pillow designs, 3 gorgeous locations, 2 iPhone videos to eventually blog and 1 (volunteer) photographer later, we were sitting at the edit table with 1,001 shots in hand.

And that wrapped Editorial Shoot #1! We were thrilled with the day but definitely plan to amp up the next shoot with better natural lighting, more backdrops and a few Assistants (volunteers?) to hold that reflector. And to take some “behind the scenes” footage. And to bring us coffee. Non-fat vanilla latte’s preferably, good and hot, with a half-pump of syrup. And do assistant’s do foot rubs and pour wine? Ok, we guess we’re pushing it.



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