Incorporation Time

For Joue Design Inc, incorporating the company was our best option. Sitting at the table with the Accountant and the Lawyer while making that decision, however, harkened back to the schoolteacher in Charlie Brown’s classroom – some sort of noise resembling words coming out of someone’s mouth, sounding words like “limited”, “legal liability”, and “escape clause” with us simply nodding and reaching for our wine. Sure, yes, what the Accountant said, we’ll do that.

Just make sure we don’t lose our shirts off our backs (or – even worse – the cases off our pillows, because we really, really, like those)!

But the end result, and $350 to the Lawyer later, was basically one where we were protected as a Company, as Individuals, and so were our SOs, ensuring that there would continue to be a roof over their heads should this venture all turn to fluff.

It might just be a Corporation to the Accountant and the Lawyer, but to us it’s a living, breathing being we plan to cultivate for a very long time.



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