What is a “JOUE”?

When Alison was naming her first company, it was pretty straight forward – a Design Studio specializing in buildings and interiors on the west coast – and voila, Studio West Designs was born. And a decision of one is fairly easy!

When it came to BOTH of us naming our new soon-to-be-globally-dominating textile company, it took weeks of brainstorming and at least a case of wine.

We looked at using our names, at words and imagery that was meaningful to us, at goofy sayings. Consensus of two is considerably more difficult which is possibly why some “teams” have more abstract names other than their actual names – such as Marchesa or Marimekko. And we BOTH had to be happy with it; so if at the end of multiple brainstorming sessions, if one of us wasn’t quite there, it was put on hold until the next meeting. And there’s a chance each subsequent meeting had a tad more wine than the last one to help those creative juices flow.

In the end, brains all stormed out and BC Business Registry Database all checked, we became JOUE – French for “Play” – which resounded to both of our Bordeaux-stained hearts.

We work hard and we play hard. Perhaps naming our hard work “Play” will continue to remind us of why we’re doing this as the days get long. And oh, are they getting long!



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