Pushing Through the “Give-Up” Moments

One thing we have definitely learned – to date – is that the idea of starting your own business comes much more from an expectation of some lofty ‘desired’ reality versus the down and gritty ‘actual’ reality. And when the ‘actual’ does not live up to the ‘desired’; or when in fact the gap becomes so large you often question your own sanity, you start to ask, “Why did we start this in the first place??”

As you can tell from some of our previous posts, there are days where nothing goes right or good help is hard to find or that you and your business partner hit a rough patch and can’t seem to agree ON ANYTHING. What to do??!

Well, we’ve been through all that and haven’t strangled each other yet, so that’s a good sign (we hope!). And we keep reminding ourselves is that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and we take a deep breath and become more patient.

Then we celebrate each little success, because that means we’re getting closer and closer to World Domination! … er … we mean, closer to making enough to buy a celebratory bottle of the GOOD wine!



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