This is a blog about two CRAZY gals starting a business together. Words like “entrepreneurs” and “start-ups” get thrown around, but the reality is we’re just regular people who have passion, gumption and a bit of luck for something new. When starting our recent venture together we went online and into bookstores (yes, they still exist!) to find information on “What to Expect When You’re … Expecting to Birth a New Company”, but we could find nothing that was informative as well as entertaining, honest, bare, all with gorgeous photos of ourselves inserted now and then. Impossible to find, believe it or not! So as long as we were already starting one new company, why not start two… And Shoestring Moguls was born.

We don’t have huge budgets for starting any of these crazy adventures – we work, literally, on a shoestring budget. But we do plan eventual World Domination and are earning the title “Moguls” as we go.

Meet Cindy Yu, a Corporate/PR goddess with a sense of style, and Alison Kent, a Fashion/Interior Design guru with a penchant for business – your Shoestring Moguls!


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